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Hi I'm Lisa I live in Perth Western Australia and have a small cattery. My cattery has been established since 2017. I specialise in breeding Maine Coons Cats. My aim is to breed Maine Coons with sound health, loving temperament and to the specific type standard which are all equally important. Breeding Maine Coons is just more than a hobby it is passionate love for the breed of the gentlest giant and elegant magical cats you can ever imagine .It takes time and research to breed Maine Coons and a lot of effort for kittens to be well socialised to live with their new families.


Just  some information about me.

I was raised up in a home where my parents loved animals we always had dogs and cats. I had a pet cat called Tibby he was a brown tabby just a moggy he was always near me. I remember pushing him around in my dolls pram and I would dress him up in baby’s clothes he loved fishing for my gold fish with his big paws, he would wait for me to come home from school. Tibby lived for ten years and he suddenly passed away and I was so upset because I found him under the trailer that my father had parked on the driveway. I was heartbroken and since then I have never had a cat that even came close to his personality until I HAD A MAINE COON CAT. I remember attending my first cat show ten years ago and I was looking at the cats, I remember seeing a cat that was being judged at the time he was big, powerful and majestic despite his size. I remember thinking I would love to have a cat like that one day. It has taken me a very long time to be in a position to buy a Maine Coon. My journey began 3 years ago searching for a Maine Coon Cat.


My first Maine Coon was Princess Katniss which I brought for my 46th birthday present 2017. I instantly just adored her from the moment I picked her up from the airport her temperament was just amazing. My husband Paul was not too keen on the idea of having a cat but Princess Katniss certainly made an impression with her sheer gracefulness and she enjoyed being around human company. Paul just adores her now and she loves him. Paul describes the Maine Coon breed as AWESOME there is no other cat quite like a Maine Coon it was then that we both wanted to find out more about Maine Coons we both attended Cat Shows in Perth and started showing Princess Katniss in the companion group. I started to learn more about what cat judges look for in cats, especially the Maine Coon breed.

My foundation pedigree lines are from Sue and Dick Wye of Wyecoons who won breeder of the year for 2017, Rhonda Bridges of Heavensgate and Judy Formby of Flurmonz. Judy resides in New Zealand and is a reputable breeder her cats have won many titles at cat shows. I am wanting to keep the Maine Coon breeding pedigree lines pure and healthy and to give families the opportunity to enjoy the Maine Coon Cat Breed.



"Of all cat breeds, the Maine Coon is probably the most complete package. After all, while not every person agrees makes another person beautiful, there is usually agreement as to the presence of charm, appeal and charisma.the MAINE COON, the genuine article, has it” - Marilis Hornbridge, THAT YANKEE CAT. So you are thinking about adding a MAINE COON to join you or your family and if it is the right breed of cat for you. Well you don’t need to give it a second thought as the MAINE COON has the perfect personality. The MAINE COON develops slowly and the maturation process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years while the kittens do grow quickly up until they are  4 to 8 months old then slowing down, so for those that like youthful exuberance of a kitten then this is the perfect choice.


Maine Coons are very popular because of their combination of good looks with a distinctive charming personality. There temperament for the love of human company and there funny antics are most enjoyable to watch. The Maine Coon has a personality that makes you feel relaxed and nostalgic. “MAINE COONS are affectionately known as the gentle giants of the cat world”. Maine Coons are super smart, intelligent, affectionate and loyal. They have a wide range of vocalisations and often they will try and have a conversation with you and meet you at your front door when you come home with chirps, trills and there deep purr of contentment.


The Maine Coon is unique with their ears being lynx like with tuffs of fur at the tips of the ears. There paws are large and heavily tufted there coat is silky to touch and flowing. The hindquarters are heavily furred like old fashioned pantaloons. The tail is long and nicely placed with it being heavily furred. The Maine Coon wears his tail proudly upright and with grace. The body structure is muscular, medium to large in size, broad chested and long in body with all parts being equally proportioned and creates a rectangular appearance. There is a definite squareness to the rump when viewed from the back with a medium to long neck.


The Maine Coons eyes are large and wide set with a slightly oblique setting. Their eye colour can come in shades of green, gold, copper although white cats can come with odd eyed or blue eyes. There muzzle is square with high cheek bones and has a nice gentle concave curve to the nose. The chin is strong and is firm with it being in line with the upper lip and nose.


There are many different personalities, styles and colours that Maine Coons breeders achieve within their breeding programme which makes it fun and challenging. A litter of baby Maine Coons will never disappoint with its colourful rainbow from red to black being the dominate colours. The Maine Coon Cat has over 74 different colours to choose from. The Maine Coon is very diverse with colour combinations that is fascinating for the breeder to achieve. There are breeders that specialise in certain colours. The only colour that is not approved are the Himalayan and Siamese cat colour.


Our maine coons have been imported from Europe to get new type and blood for my breeding program. We have imported these cats so families have the opportunity to enjoy the gentle giants of the cat world.


So now you have had some insight to the most majestic breed of cat and would like to add a Maine Coon baby to your family and you would like to adopt a Maine Coon so fill out a Kitten Adoption form or go to my facebook page ANGELFIRE MAINE COONS.


Phone: (Perth) 0412 931 511


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