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"Kittens Are Now Available"

We are small closed cattery. Please contact us in regards to which kittens we have available and when the kittens can be taken home.


Information for the Buyers

In order to be able to purchase an Angelfire Maine Coon there are some conditions that I would like you to think about:

  • How would you accommodate your kitten?
  • Are you able to keep your kitten in a secure environment?
  • If you are you living in rental accommodation are you allowed to have a cat?
  • Are you able to provide financially to keep your Maine Coon healthy by feeding good quality food?
  • Can you provide financially to take your Maine Coon to the vets for regular vaccinations, worming and if any medical issues arise?
  • Are you able to give human companionship to your Maine Coon?


Visiting your kitten

There will be no visits allowed to my cattery while your chosen kitten is growing or to view the SIRE and DAM this is to protect the kittens and Adults cats. Diseases can spread very easily and I would be devastated if your chosen Maine Coon became ill. I attend cat shows in Perth if you would like the opportunity to meet my MAINE COONS please call me to find out dates or if I will be in attendance as taking care of my kittens take priority. Please don’t be offended for it is in the best interest for the adult cats and kittens.

You will be kept up to date with photo’s


 If you are in ever a position that you can no longer keep your Maine Coon that you contact me so we can both achieve together suitable accommodation and you will not take your Maine Coon to a shelter or leave them to become a stray cat.


As a breeder it is imperative to make sure that all my Maine Coons are going to be adopted by loving families. I love my Maine Coons to much not to care.

  • All kittens are raised in the family home.
  • All kittens are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed before leaving.
  • All kittens sold with pedigree papers.
  • Kittens leave around 12 – 14 weeks providing vet check.
  • All flight transport with crate will be paid by you.


A deposit of $500 will need to be paid to secure your MAINE COON KITTEN and all remaining monies will need to be paid 1 week prior to being desexed which is around 10 weeks old and providing that the kitten is over 1kg.


No Maine Coons will be sold as entire and No stud services available.

I operate my cattery as a closed cattery to reduce the risk of disease to my kittens and Adult Maine Coons.




Retired adult Maine Coons will be available at times.


If you are interested in our kittens Please fill in our kitten adoption form





We are registered with CATS UNITED WA INC

Phone: (Perth) 0412 931 511


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